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Revive your lunch-life this spring with New Covent Garden’s limited edition Creamy Leek and Cheddar Soup of the Month

In time for spring, New Covent Garden Soup has created a tasty twist on a classic, taking the tried and tested combination of leek and cheddar and transforming it into an exciting limited edition soup. 

Available only in March, the Creamy Leek and Cheddar soup is a velvety, rich twist on a classic leek and potato soup, making the most of the seasonal glut of leeks and using quality Cheddar cheese sourced from the world’s oldest surviving Cheddar-makers, Barber’s.

The delicious combination of leek, cauliflower and potato with creamy Cheddar and a sprinkling of black pepper make a hearty hot lunch, guaranteed to revive any lacklustre lunch-life!

New Covent Garden Soup Co.’s Creamy Leek and Cheddar Soup of the Month is available through March, and is suitable for vegetarians.